"Bryan & Teresa did a great job staying on schedule with the building process and within our budget. They were very easy to work with, always on top of things, and resolved any issues quickly."

Dr. Camp & Jill Newton
Mountain Home, AR

"Bryan has a unique gift. He was able to take our vision of our dream home and make it a reality. He troubleshot all the snags and complications that surfaced and was able to come up with viable solutions. He took ownership and pride of this project and did a phenomenal job. He was flexible and concerned with costs, but at the same time did not scrimp on quality. Would not hesitate to say we would have him build our home again."

Dr. Erick & Karla Araneda
Mountain Home, AR

"Working with Bryan and Teresa was an enjoyable building experience! Their expertise and attention to detail and our budget was second to none. We would work with them again and again."

Ellis & Wren Hall
Mountain Home, AR

"Our total experience with Bryan Bell Construction, Inc. was very positive. The building process progressed on schedule, was professionally managed, and resulted in a final product that was even better than we had hoped for. Both Bryan and Teresa are the kind of people that make sure everything is done right-or more accurately that everything is done to perfection!"

Bob & Shirley Larson
Mountain Home, AR

"Anyone who has gone through the experience of building a new home can tell you it can be extremely difficult and stressful. In today's world just choosing a reputable builder is very difficult. Living in Florida and building a home in Mountain Home, Arkansas was made possible through Bryan Bell Construction, Inc. Bryan and Teresa make it possible with little to no stress. I demand quality work at a fair price from the builder and subcontractors. Bryan and Teresa delivered all I expected and then some. Groundbreaking through finish work, they had a great eye for detail. Made suggestions and communicated throughout the process. I have built several homes in my lifetime, and I can say without reservation that the home built was far superior than the others. I would recommend anyone interested in building a home in the Twin Lakes Area use Bryan Bell Construction, Inc. If I ever build another home here they will built it!"

Rich & Janet Czerwinski
Mountain Home, AR

"When my wife and I decided to build in Mtn. Home we began as most people do with the yellow pages and word of mouth information to find a contractor. We interviewed 5 of the "top" builders and asked for a bid from 3 of them. With the exception of one we were disappointed with the results overall. We had almost decided to go with one when a close and trusted friend happened to mention that we should not decide until we had spoken to Bryan Bell. I value my friend's judgment greatly and called Bryan that day. What a difference in attitude and presentation from the others! I can honestly say that we decided during that meeting that Bryan would be our builder/contractor. All of the other contractors simply looked at the plans that we provided, stated that they could build it and that they would provide us an estimate.

Bryan was the ONLY one who looked at the plans with the attitude..' of course I can build this.. that's what I do. Now let's see how unique we can make this space and lot.'

I am so glad that we went with Bryan for numerous reasons: the relationship that he has with his subs and crews, his attention to detail, his constant and invaluable input based on previous experience, his work ethic and true concern for every aspect of the job from the first day. My wife and I felt throughout the process that our house was the ONLY house that Bryan was constructing and that he was building it for himself. His wife Teresa was invaluable in the interior features. She knows the area, the reliable vendors, alternative materials, and has a terrific sense of style and design. They made design and construction suggestions that we could never have anticipated but worked beautifully and cost no more than the original design plans. Together they are a great team to work with.

Sheryl and I had heard horror stories over the years regarding the building process: overruns, time delays, personality disputes, supply, etc. This was a great experience and I would do it again. Everything was delivered on time or sooner, costs were in-line, and with Teresa's circle of vendors we got the home that we wanted. No surprises, no regrets. Bryan told me that many of his clients become close friends after the job is complete. I know that to be true as Sheryl and I remain and plan to remain good friends of the Bell's . Thank you both for building a home- not just constructing a house"

Pete Adams
Mountain Home, AR